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Check your forest now, and find something interesting about it!

Be the part to protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of forests.
Act now against global warming in the most dominant impact area to prevent the climate changes.

Create projects with us, and be a well known company that protect the earth


What makes FORESTNER different?


With our technology, you can monitor and track your project details and its impact in real time.

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Operate in Asia’s last great rainforest

The destruction of Borneo rainforest caused 626 megatons of CO2 released last year. Makes this area has dominant impact to prevent climate changes.


We don’t just plant the trees and leave it. We protect the forest from any threats.

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Your forest will be managed to bring the economic, social and environmental impact.

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You Own the Forest

The forest is not shared with others companies. You can put your brand in the area, and claim the area in the public.

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Forest fire makes Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia suffered losses more than US$957 millions.

Learn how Forestner could reduce the impact.


Why Company Need To Contribute Against Climate Changes?

From the international agreements to the marketing strategy. Many reasons for a company to taking a part of the climate changes war.

Forestner x Indmira Project Collaboration

This collaborative project aims to increase local community awareness in preserving and protecting forests. This program will be held on October 2021 and all benefit from this project will be used for social responsibility to the community around pilot project location.

Why Peoples Still Destroy the Borneo Rainforest ?

From 74 million hectares of Borneo Rainforest, only 71% remained in 2005. Meanwhile in 2015 the number shrank to 55%. Indeed, humans are the main cause of rainforest destruction. Find out what causes it and how it impacts the environment through this article.


Hulu Gurung Project

Land area 4 hectares. Location Sub District Hulu Gurung, District Kapuas Hulu, West Borneo, Indonesia.

Merapi Project

Land area 1 hectares. Location Tegalsan, Umbulharjo, District. Cangkringan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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